About Elesapiens360
Elesapiens360 is an edtech product and service company specialized in:
- Creating educational content
- Providing publishing and editorial services
- Audiovisual production
- Institutional communication
- Science courses and workshops
My Role as a Business Development Manager (Apr. 15 - Nov. 20)
- Responsible for Strategy, Marketing and Communication, with a strong emphasis on inbound marketing actions: over 50,000 qualified leads registered.
- International expansion: from Spain to Latin America, United States and Australia.
- B2B & B2G sales in orders amounting for €15,000-€500,000 each.
- Multilingual project management: more than 1,200 digital learning materials and over 300 videos developed.
- Inhouse and remote team management.

Attending The Bett Show in London, the biggest education fair in Europe, in January 2019.

Promoting hands-on Science courses and workshops in 2018.

Promoting Elesapiens360 services and products at the Virtual Educa fair in Guadalajara, Mexico, in June 2015.

Promoting Elesapiens360's participation in Auméntame 2019, an annual event for applying augmented and virtual reality advancements in Education.

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