Editorial Lines
Between 2014 and 2018, the website of #DiarioArganzuela served as an information hub about cultural, entertainment and business activities taking place in Madrid
Also, it focused on:
- Neighbour collaboration
- Entrepreneurship
- Career development
- Gender equality
- Access to unbiased information
- The dynamization of the culture and economy of Madrid's districts
A Project for Joint Collaboration
I founded it as my own laboratory to try affiliation programmes, digital marketing initiatives and social media campaigns.
I pushed it forward over 5 years with the same purpose supported by:
- additional collaborators, like the writer Ángel M. Castillo
- local businesses like DdDieta, and
- online content marketing platforms like Publisuites.
Having learnt a lot from this initiative, I decided to put it to an end in order to join other equally exciting projects that would make me continue growing.
However, if you visit now www.diarioarganzuela.com, it seems that someone else is keeping my idea alive!

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