My Role as a Financial Aid Associate Director at IE University
Between September 2010 and June 2014 I was hired by IE University to set up and develop their Financial Aid Department in order to help students fund their programs. 
Over that period, I:
- Started up the Financial Aid Department.
- Coordinated the Financial Aid team composed by 3-5 members.
- Increased clients' satisfaction through the implementation of key performance indicators and client and market analyses.
- Designed workflows for the integration of a new CRM (Microsoft Dynamics).
- Implemented reporting and budget-control systems. ​​​​​​​

IE and partner sponsored scholarships offered to cover tuition fees.

Study loans offered by our bank partners to cover tuition fees.

Main Goal 
More than 10,000 prospects per year from all over the world were served by our offices in Madrid and Segovia, motivated by a Vignette-based new website offering study loans and scholarships:

Campus in Madrid.

Campus in Segovia.

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